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The Malaysia Pro Wrestling (MyPW) owned by Datin Maria Abdullah since 2016. The opening of the school garnered the attention of the whole nation as it is the first and only pro wrestling school in all of Malaysia, and the third in South East Asia,


Malaysia Pro Wrestling had organized various shows throughout the years, some smaller in scale, some in bigger scales, and some for commercial scales. No matter the scale, MyPW pro wrestling shows are on par as international standards.

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There are plenty of benefits awarded to the wrestlers who dedicate themselves to the sport. It's obvious that wrestling develops a physically strong base, but it also teaches lessons that can be translated into other aspects of life once a wrestler's career is over The following are among the benefits of youths taking up pro wrestling in terms of positive personal growth and development


Self Confidence:

Being a form of performance arts, wrestlers will increase in confidence as they start to perform in front of an audience. They will start to be more physically fit, which will help to boost one's self esteem.


Being a wrestler requires heighten discipline as they need to be on time for training, follow diet and workout plans, as well as learn to receive orders from coaches. Discipline will help in all aspects of life.


The degree of athleticism it takes to succeed in wrestling is second to none. Although many wrestlers don't start out as “natural athletes," wrestling improves balance, reflexes, strength, endurance, and agility. Wrestlers are often very lean and strong for their body weight. The knowledge they'll gain about proper dieting and weight maintenance will benefit wrestlers long after their competitive careers are over. Wrestling will undoubtedly improve an athlete's capabilities in other sports as well.

Teamwork, Cooperation and Excellent Communication Skills

During a match, the wrestlers need to work together to put on a great show for the audiences. The moves and manoeuvres that you see are actually spontaneous and on the go. The wrestlers need to take care of themselves and their partner from getting hurt, and this nurtures comradery spirit. Communication needs to be tip top in order for each of them to understand one another to minimize pain and injury. Imagine, having to communicate without being able to talk!


Mental Toughness:

Wrestlers learn to be both physically and mentally tough. It takes a tremendous amount of toughness to pick yourself up off of the mat every time when you are slammed, and it takes incredible will power to complete drills given.


People who have never wrestled have a hard time understanding how mentally and physically taxing it is on competitors. Because of this, wrestlers develop more than just a sense of respect for each other - they develop an admiration.


Speech Skills

Wrestlers need to learn how to talk confidently, with charisma, in front of an audience, as it is a part of the show. Learning microphone skills will definitely help to boost self-esteem as well as develop one's public speaking and speech skills.

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